Storm Hawk

Exceptional Chain Sword

weapon (melee)

Owned by Eremiel

Exceptional Chainsword Melee(1H)
DMG: 1d10+4R
PEN: 3


After I climbed the mountain and arrived to the “Place of Challenge”, my brother and friend Raum had already drawn some attention among the protectors of “Place of Challenge”, by being the first of us to beat a Fire Scorpion with his bare hands on the way up here.
Raum was one of the few adolescents from Baal Secundus I had ever really talked to outside of the battle field. In fact he was the only one. He could always calm my deepest bloodlust just by looking at me with his narrow green eyes. This made me remember one of the first days we were brought into the Space Marine program as kids, and how he looked at me when we came out of the surgery.
This very day at the mountain of our new Blood Angels career, he could still make me feel the same way as he look at me from the crowd of cheering Space Marines lifting him against the sky.
We were given our weapons back as the next challenge was about to begin… the gladiatorial contests!
Raum had his beloved Storm Hawk along and his bolter in the other hand. The few of us who were left from the first trial did prepare for the arena by praying to the Emperor or perform violent battle cries. The protectors jumped down to the arena floor and jump on us like mad wolfs. Just after a few minutes in raw bloodbath, we drew most of the protectors back against a wall and one of them taunted Raum with a waving hand gesture. Raum accelerated towards him with Storm Hawk raised against the sky. I was frozen the moment the protectors sword penetrated Raum through his blood red armor. Just before Raum fell to the ground he swung Storm Hawk one last time at the protector but had not the power to penetrate the inch thick armor plates. After Raum hit the ground, I stood still for an eternity, just to stare at his lifeless body. When I got my senses back, my spirit was in a Blood Angels shadow and I could feel the Emperors blood in mine. I jumped up in a battle cry and landed just beside Raum body. I grabbed Storm Hawk and swung it towards the protector with extreme velocity. His body was cut in half and his blood flooded Raum’ face and that was the last time I ever saw my friend. The rest of the aspirants stormed towards the protectors, but I could only stare at Raum’ unrecognized face and longing after the stare from his eyes.
After the battle some of us was taken to the Fortress-Monastery on Baal itself where we were paraded before members of the Chapter, and then escorted into the Great Chapel. The trials after I can only vaguely remember, but I still have Storm Hawk by my side and I will fight for Raum and the Emperor until death do us part.

Storm Hawk

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