Exceptional Power Axe Melee (1H)

weapon (melee)

Owned by Eremiel
Exceptional Power Axe Melee (1H)
DMG: 1d10+8E
PEN: 6
Special: Power Field, +5 WS


The slow motion effect from the poison passed away the moment I stepped out of smashed cabin. The adrenaline, from my Power Armors recovery systems, was pumped through my body. A quick look at the crash site reminded me that they were still looking for the amulet.
Now is the moment where the true Blood Angel would show his skills, turn around and face his opponents. I glanced at the shattered cabin which obviously have taken severe damage from the crash. The vials with poison were all smashed on the ground and I still had some on my armor from when I were intoxicated.
I could hear a roar from the far side of the main hull in the shipwreck. Seconds after a Dark Eldar in a light-weight flexible bodysuit appeared. It was clearly a Sybarite, and from the looks of his equipment he seemed to be a trueborn. But more importantly, I recognized the weapon he wielded in his right hand, a Power axe! He could only be a psyker with this type of weapon.
He commenced a swift strike with his Power Axe as he charged directly towards me.
My initial reaction was to swiftly reach for my beloved chainsword, Storm Hawk. In the same motion I dropped towards the cabin and made a stroke into the smashed vials with Storm Hawk. I could only feel the whiff from the dust when my opponent hurled past me. I ignited the jetpack and balanced Storm Hawk as it was a niddle. I could feel the propulsion from the jetpack as the Dark Eldar turned his head and raised his flaming hands.
A dense cone of bright yellow fire blazed from his hands and obscured my vision. My Power Armor tried to resist the high temperatures, but many system were destroyed under the crash.
I hit something hard and then I fell to the ground. I raised and realised that Storm Hawk was stuck in the armor of the Eldar. The Eldar pulled his armor and it dropped to the ground with the chain sword pierced across the chest piece. He prepared a kind of psyker attack as I charged him unarmed. Just as the psyker attacked, I saw a distant look in his eyes as he searched for something that wasn’t there.
My left fist hit his jaw and his head snapped in line with the motion of my outstretched arm. He was stunned as he stood on his feet. My next move swiftly acquired his Power Axe from his rigid hand. He somehow conquered his ossification and motioned into another psyker attack which started a sparkling cloud around him. When I turned around I faced his back as he also started to turn around. In that moment I caught sight of the poison leaking from the tear wound across his chest. I aimed a powerful upward attack towards his chest propelled by the powerful jetpack acceleration. The Power Axe was buried deep in the pale flesh of a Dark Eldar. I emphasized my weight on the chest of my dead opponent and raked the Power Axe out of it.
The Power Axe has the inscription “Lillith” on the handle. I weighted the Power Axe in my right hand. It was a perfect fit. I shifted Storm Hawk to my left.
It was time for my next battle!


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