Panzerfaust 44 Missile Launcher

weapon (ranged)

Range: 250m
Damage: BS40 3d10+10
Penetration: 8
If not braced: take -30 BS penalty


Off all the war loot one could carry from the wars against the trade union on Tula Oblast, no man would ever pick up Gerda. Antique is the word best describing this weapon, even by the standard of the second age of the machines, this weapon would be seen as inferior to most missile launchers. Bulk in size, heavy in weight, and with a horrible aim. This missile launcher would often not even be fired, before the body of its holder would be torn to pieces, by bullets or chaintooths, but should one be fast enough to pull the trigger, and lucky enough to avoid a misfire, would one kill its foe with tremendous firepower.
The Panzerfaust 44 missile launcher series was renowned for one reason; it could be produced cheap in overwhelming numbers. It was cleverly designed by reusing mechanics and electronics of old industrial machines, and could easily be distributed to the masses. Numerous superior armies with superior technologies have fallen to the masses of Panzerfaust 44.

The production from scrap resulted in vast differences in the launchers, not two acted alike, you had to get familiar with your Panzerfaust, you had to get to know it, understand it and hardest of all, you have to respect its decisions. For this very reason became it a common believe that these weapons were possessed by a soul. A soul you had to satisfy and keep content, otherwise it would turn on you.

Gerda was meticulously indented into the side of the launcher he picked from the frozen body of its previous owner, one frosty morning, doing the battles near Svetlograd. Oddly did he stop in the middle of a charge against a stronghold. He stopped and kneeled, he sad there for a while, and then with a slow movement reached for it. brushed of the gore and dirt from her body, picked her up and then kept on moving. He would ever since be seen equipped with her. Several times have he been offered more advanced weapons build on better technology, but every time have he declined. When asked why, he simply replies “She won’t allow it”.



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