Dr. Hauer von Waldfogel


It has always been said he is no true Ultramarine, for that he is far to primitive, to eager to see blood. This could very well be the reason why he was ordered to serve as squadron leader for the most short-tempered and most violent blood angles fighting in the battles on Omicron Persei 8. An order seen as punishment, no Ultramarine would ever thrive amongst these valor less, blood crazed angles. But thrive he did. Tales from taverns would often depict Brother Hauer charging in first in line, gun blazing, chainsaw-sword swinging, with his pack of blood angles right behind him. The stories all had the same ending; him returning alone with vital organs from his brothers in hand. Maybe this was why they, despite him failing the psych test, they honoured him with the training as Apothecary.

Brother Hauer is never mentioned in the Academy, nor his ways written down on Ipad 8k’s. But when there is no solutions to the problem they send him so solve it. If you ever find yourself fighting in the ranks of Brother Hauer, know this, theirs and yours, there will be blood.

Demeanor: Et ord der beskriver “Quick to decision” “bloodlust” “CHARGEEEE!!”

Dr. Hauer von Waldfogel

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